System Solutions

system design and implementation

For most organisations the systems, processes that exist are not designed but evolve organically over time.  They are often shaped by income, new projects or politics rather than a structural blueprint that is strategically designed. 

Most executives can sense their organisation are not working as efficiently or effectively as they should but few know how to correct the situation.

This is where we can offer a transformational service to you and your workplace, either to provide a unique and distinct review of your organisational infrastructure or integrate it with other work we are carrying out for you. 

Talk to us about the benefits of a review where we’ll check first to see if the systems and processes, even the structure of your organisation reflects the strengths and motivations of your staff and adds value to your end user experience.

KPI and outcomes monitoring and reporting

A key function of your core infrastructure functions is your ability to record, analyse, interpret, adjust and report on all your activities against external and internal performance and quality targets or indicators.

With our support you can make that an automated process that ensures you are able to report effectively against contracts or grants and provide meaningful data and analytics internally.  This is vital for real time quality and outcome reporting. 

You need to know that what you are doing is effective and impactful and you also need to get the most our of your data to support your organisation’s continued success.

quality and performance management and reporting

Collecting data is of no use to you or your team if you can’t use it effectively.  Likewise collecting data in the wrong way may mean you can’t use it efficiently for reporting.

You know your business and you know what high quality, strong performing services look like what we can do is make sure you have the data to be able to brag about it and to make adjustments quickly in real time when things look like they are slipping.

compliance & accreditation

We don’t need to tell you that compliance and accreditation’s are key elements of running a high performing and highly rated organisation.

Achieving or renewing accreditation is an intensive endeavour which we can certainly speed up for you.  We are able to integrate systems that will make make re-certification processes quick and easy.

And whether its compliance with your own policies or legal compliance around data protection we are your experts who will help you both with our advice and our practical help.

Data compliance is a weighty issue for many organisations who unwittingly fall foul of existing regulations but it doesn’t have to be a worry with our expertise to help you review and implement the right procedures.  This guidance, is backed up with uniquely automated systems which will ensure you will always be protected. 

knowledge management

How do you manage and share knowledge, information, across your organisation?  Knowledge management is important because it boosts the efficiency of your staff’s decision making ability.  In making sure that all your staff have access to the overall expertise held within the organisation, a smarter workforce is built who are more able to make quick, informed decisions that benefit your service users, your staff and fulfils your organisation’s purpose.