Strategic & Executive Solutions

executive coaching

In my role as an executive coach I want to help equip you to deal more confidently and competently with critical near-term issues.  Helping you perfect the leadership and management skill which have immediate and lasting impact.

I’ll provide inspiration, encouragement and motivation and one of my roles is to keep you on track with your most vital priorities and objectives.

You don’t need me to tell you how much responsibility and how many different threads you have to pull together, how high a mountain you need to climb, in your role.

We will normally center our work around outcomes which can be attained in a relatively short period, three to six months.  As you achieve those outcomes, you may choose to extend the coaching relationship by identifying other areas where executive coaching would be useful.

I operate from a place of curiosity and use transformational coaching methods.  And I look forward to walking with you through the challenges you are facing.

executive mentor

In contrast to coaching, executive mentoring is generally broader in scope and more indeterminate.  This is a good option for working on a more open ended agenda in a slightly, less structured way.

We will deal with the more expansive backdrop of your life and career.  And we will define goals which are immediate, long ranging and multitudinous.

Mentors serve as confidants, sounding boards, supportive listeners, guides and sometimes tutors.  A mentoring relationship can last longer than a coaching relationship due to the broader scope of issues that may include career satisfaction, personal growth, transitions into new roles or gaining greater mastery of your leadership and management function.

You may want to move into executive mentoring after a period of coaching.  And it may be helpful to think of coaching as sharpening your skills and expanding them whilst mentoring focusses on developing the wisdom in how to deploy and utilize your skills.

strategic development

There will be times when you need to tackle major changes in your organisation, carry out strategic reviews, implement new services or need to scale back operations due to external constraints including loss of revenue.

We can certainly help with the practicalities of a strategic review or support the management team in planning and implementing changes.  As the organisations’ leader you need a space where you can think through both what you need to do and how you want to do it.

We offer assistance through executive coaching but in addition, can collaborate with you on specific projects to offer my insight as CEO and to foster a trusted and confidential space, and be a sounding board throughout the process.