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next level team working

You can find out more about some of the tools we use for developing teams by visiting our Five Behaviour page  and we also use DiSC sessions to fully develop every member or your organisation.

We also bring our own experience, knowledge and proficiency to work with your teams to achieve the kind of synergy, commitment and results which are manifested by  high performing team culture.

learning and development

Team or individual training may not feel like a priority right now or you may want to rely on your annual training plan that has supported you well in the past.

But as the organisational landscape changes because of recent disruption, perhaps now is the moment to do a deep dive on your approach to staff learning and development.

We can create bespoke training programmes or sessions, help you craft a progressive annual training programme and transpose your learning onto an online e-learning environment.

Our experience means we can assess and deliver the training your teams need to thrive and develop  vital leadership skills across your organisation.

And we’ll support you to embed long term solutions that you can manage and  deliver in-house. 

leadership development

What could be more vital to your organisation’s long-term health than the identification and cultivation of of its future leaders?  And as important is the development of an environment where your people feel they can step up, speak out and take the lead.

And by linking succession planning to leadership development you reap double the rewards. Identification of the skills  required for senior management positions along with a knowledge sharing system that supports managers or supervisors to develop those skills. 

A recent study concluded that only 1 in 10 people posses the natural skill to be a leader but don’t worry because we know that leaders are not born they are made

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change management

Organisations that excel in change and development implementation have a leadership style that sets bold aspirations with clear accountability; emphasising the challenging and supportive dimensions of leadership over the authoritative consultative qualities that may be effective in other situations.

We are here to help you identify the best change management process that will fit your needs whether its Kotter’s change management theory, Lewin’s change management model or the McKinsey 7-S change management model we’ll find the best fit for you, your organisation and the task in hand.

We can also bring our expertise in Lean Six Sigma to bear on the issues you are are trying to work through.

organisation culture

Perhaps we should start by looking at what organisation culture is?  We frame this as its values, belief, understandings and norms.  Every organisation possesses its own unique culture. 

However, without nurturing a healthy and positive community, a negative culture can corrupt an organisation from the inside out.  As Peter Drucker would say ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

A healthy culture will support a positive working environment, a thriving workplace which increases productivity and reduces employee turnover.

There is no silver bullet to improve or transform a depleted or negative culture but we can work with you to put a multi-faceted plan in place to bring about the change you want to see.

And if you have a great organisation culture we’re pretty sure we can harness that and make things even better.