morgan fackrell

director, lead consultant, executive coach

Not For Profit Leadership Specialist; committed to working for social good, equality and justice; offering leadership coaching and 360 feedback to CEO’s to support them navigate an ever increasingly complex environment.

She has spent the last 25 years working across the women’s, advice and equalities sectors in senior leadership and chief executive roles.  Her experience and knowledge spans service development and management, financial development and management, people development and management.

Her knowledge of technology and IT has also meant the organisations she led were at the leading edge of blended service delivery and developed robust ICT infrastructures to support operations, human resources, data management and analysis.



She is an accredited partner with DiSC and Five Behaviours and is particularly proud of her certified practitioner status with The Leadership Circle.  Using these tools, approaches and interventions enhances the work that she carries out. 

Her practical experience leading, developing and transforming organisations enables her to support Chief Executives and senior leadership teams through both difficult times and also to identify opportunities.

As an experienced former CEO who has been in executive and leadership positions for over 25 years she is able to support strategic development, change management, fundraising (grants and tenders), strategic planning and system/process development.

Morgan’s transformational approach to organisation development and change management informs her approach to her consultancy work

Morgan’s transformational approach to organisation development and change management informs her approach her consultancy work.  A deep understanding of the challenges that Chief Executives and executive leadership team’s face enables her to hit the ground running and whether its one to one, with teams or the whole organisation she uses her knowledge, skills and experience to positive effect.

With a strong focus on collaborative working, building resilience and addressing organisation culture, equality, diversity and inclusivity issues Morgan’s approach empowers team’s and individuals to recognise their true potential, working to unleash creativity, innovation and human-cantered leadership. to