The leadership circle

The leadership circle profile

as part of our executive coaching and leadership development we offer the very best 360 degree assessment that has so far been developed.

the universal model of leadership integrates the best theory and research on leadership development.  We now have a much more developed understanding of what great leadership looks like and how to develop it.

based on decades of research and created within the framework of the universal model of leadership the assessment will enable you to significantly develop your leadership awareness and turbo charge your personal leadership development.

become the most inspiring, engaged and effective leader you know you can be.

leadership system foundation

our work will also offer the opportunity to take a whole system approach to all aspects of leadership within your organisation.

the leadership system is a leadership development system, designed to increase individual and collective leadership effectiveness.

our whole system approach to leadership ensures that the six interlocking systems key to organisation success must be tended to during any major change.

ensuring the six systems are aligned and functioning is the responsibility of the organisation’s leadership.

[The Whole System Approach, Bill and Cindy Adams]

more than a 360 degree profile

our assessment tool is rooted in the science of leadership which magnifies why leaders do what they do and how they can transform.

as your leadership transforms, so does your organisation which means better results and a measurable impact for your work and life.

creative competencies – which measure how you achieve results and bring out the best in others.  How you lead with vision, act with integrity and courage.

reactive tendencies – which lean into a more cautious approach and can be self-limiting focusing too much on the approval of others or getting results at the expense of others.

internal operating system – your unique set of internal assumptions (beliefs) that run behaviour in both the domains above.  The Leadership Circle Profile increases awareness to create change in behaviour.

based on adult learning theory

underlying the design of the leadership system is adult learning theory. 

concrete experience – adults utilise experiences as anchors for learning

reflective observation – we learn as we reflect on our experiences to derive meaning from them.

abstract conceptualisation – as an experience is reflected on from a variety of angles, a generalisable theory, principle, or concept emerges.

active experimentation – the leader takes the new lesson and puts it into practice